What is Digital Fluency?

Digital Fluency means being able to comfortably work with documents, emails, information, and more.

Most knowledge workers spend multiple hours a day using computers; feeling comfortable with their operation is essential to being productive. Because we use computers so often, it’s one area where small optimizations can lead to huge improvements.

You might already feel comfortable with computers, but we've included a few uncommon applications that can seriously improve your productivity.

You’ll be ready to move past Digital Fluency when you comfortably and routinely hit Inbox Zero. That will require you to have and regularly use a reference/notes app, a calendar, a task manager, and a read-later app.

Let's begin. Click the answer to each of the following questions:

Can you type without looking at the keyboard?

Yes, and I type pretty fast (over 65 WPM)

Yes, but I type pretty slowly (under 65 WPM)

No, I hunt and peck for each letter

Do you use keyboard shortcuts on a daily basis?

Yes, I use keyboard shortcuts every day

I know what they are, but I don't really use them

No, what are keyboard shortcuts?

Do you use a task manager app? (like Todoist, Things, Wunderlist, etc.)

Yes, I use a task manager every day and use it to guide my activities

Yes, I use one, but it keeps just getting full and I end up needing to start over elsewhere

Yes, but I don't use it much

No, I've never used one

Do you use a calendar app?

Yes, I use my calendar almost daily

Yes, but I don't use it much

No, I don't have a digital calendar